Question: What’s a gastropub?

Answer: A gastropub is a pub with a focus on serving high-quality food and beverages, often innovating new menu items. At Waverly Stone Gastropub, we serve bar food with global influences for food lovers, using as many house-made ingredients as possible and cooking dishes to order. We also have curated craft beer, wine, and liquor lists. 

Question: Does your menu change?

Answer: Yes! With two chefs in the kitchen, we’re always trying new things to surprise and delight our customers. We make regular changes to our menu, adding new items and updating current items according to the season. Our specials also offer regular guests the chance to try something new every time. 

Question: Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?

Answer: Yes! We have several menu items that we designed for vegetarians and vegans and even more that can be altered to accommodate your preferences. When you visit, be sure to ask your server about the vegetarian and vegan menus, and let them know your dietary restrictions.

Question: Do you have gluten free options?

Answer: We understand the challenges facing those with food allergies and sensitivities, and we offer a gluten-free menu. Because we are passionate about offering fresh food with high-quality ingredients and cooked to order, our daily kitchen operations may involve shared preparation and cooking areas. We have processes in place to minimize cross contamination including using clean utensils, work surfaces, and gloves when notified of a diner’s allergy. However, even with these practices, we cannot guarantee any item will be completely free of allergens. If you are allergic or highly sensitive to gluten, nuts, shellfish, milk, or other allergens, please advise your server so we can do our best to protect you.

Question: What happened to Macatawa Ale Company?

Answer. Owners of Waverly Stone, the Westerlunds, also owned Macatawa Ale Company (MAC). The Westerlunds shut down their microbrewery on River Ave when they had the opportunity to own and operate the restaurant on 8th Street. The Westerlunds are not currently brewing beer, but the plan is to re-establish the microbrewery in the basement of the pub.

Question: Do you have a kids’ menu?

Answer: Yes! We offer simple, kid-friendly options for children 12 and under including a small burger, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and macaroni and cheese. Each $4 kid’s meal comes with a choice of fries or our daily vegetable. Check it out here!

Question: Do you have outdoor seating?

Answer: Yes! We have a beautiful, intimate patio on 8th Street. We open it as early as we can each spring and keep it open as far into fall as the weather will allow. 

Question: Are you a dog friendly restaurant?

Answer: Dogs are welcome on our patio. Service animals are welcome inside. 

Question: Do you have a private dining room?

Answer: No. Our only dining areas are the main dining room and the outdoor patio. We may be able to accommodate large parties within those areas. Please direct inquiries to the General Manager, Ian Foreman.

Question: Do you host live music at Waverly Stone Gastropub?

Answer: Yes! We offer live music every weekend. Visit the Events page of our website for more information on upcoming events. 

Question: What happened to the 8th Street Grille?

Answer: The 8th Street Grille closed its doors on September 29, 2018. We continue to thank 8th Street Grille’s loyal customers who supported the restaurant through the years and are pleased to provide a new go-to restaurant for the Holland community.